Dart Warz is proud to partner with organizations in our local communities to help them reach their fundraising goals! In the past we have partnered with middle school/high school sports teams, local charities, youth groups, PTO’s, 501C3’s, among others.

Here’s how it works:

  • Phase 1 - set the date/time: Contact Dart Warz at (855) 717-3278 to schedule your fundraiser night.

  • Phase 2 - Advertise: The more people that know about your event, the more successful your fundraiser will be! Dart Warz will provide the event coordinator a copy of our logo (jpeg format) which can be printed or shared on social media, strictly in regards to the fundraising event.

  • Phase 3-NERF ON, GET PAID: After a successful advertising campaign, it’s time to show up and experience some extreme Nerf action! Dart Warz will keep a running tally of all the guests that check-in for the fundraiser. You will receive a check to your organization within two weeks after your event for up to 30% of total sales.