Terms and Conditions

Dart Warz is a family fun center that is for ages 5 and older, facilitating foam dart battles. Party booking can be booked online or over the phone at (855) 717-3278. As a player at Dart Warz you understand that you will be held to a standard of conduct during these Nerf Wars. Failure to abide by safety rules will result in a warning or expulsion from the game without refund. You also understand that you may decline to participate in any part of the game at any time. You also understand that if you refuse to play, it does not constitute grounds for refund. By signing our player waiver, you understand that you will be voluntarily engaging in an activity that may involve contact and the risk of serious injury, permanent disability, or death, and may cause severe social or economic losses due to not only my/other players actions or inactions. Further, you agree that you will not damage any equipment of Dart Warz premises. You agree to pay for any and all expenses that might relate to the participants care and treatment.