Nerf™ Sledgefire

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Age range: 
10 and older
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The Sledgefire features a single tactical rail on the top of the blaster, as well as an integrated shoulder stock which stores three shells. It has two strap points for a sling or bandolier: one above the blaster's muzzle and one on the bottom of the integrated shoulder stock. This blaster bears the Z-Strike logo on the receiver.

It is a multi-shot blaster that has the ability to fire three darts at once--instead of firing two darts from two separate pistons that must be loaded individually. The Sledgefire fires the darts from a single shell using a large shared piston. Where the Rough Cut 2x4 succeeds the Barrel Break in being better at firing darts in pairs, the Sledgefire takes the Barrel Break's breachloading and improves the size of the volley, making it more like the Hornet AS-6. Like any scatter-shot, the Sledgefire is much more accurate at closer range, but will fire a respectable distance. The impact is significant and indisputable.